Nike+ FuelBand tells how active you are right on your wrist

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Nike+ FuelBand is the kind of bracelet that measures your daily activities and alerts you while you’re less active in your days. The Nike+ FuelBand straps on your wrist and will display a series of light to alert you if you’re not moving enough.

The Nike+ FuelBand has a calorie counter on its display and it’s able to pair with your iPhone via Bluetooth or sync its data via USB and allows you to monitor online, set your goal and track if you’re achieving your goals.

The lights on the Nike+ FuelBand turn green indicates that all is well and turn red to alert you that you need more activities. It’s based on the Oxygen Kinetics which are able to track activities accurately.

The FuelBand is currently available in the US only for $150. If you’re interested but you’re not in the US, you still can leave your email address which they’ll contact you when the wristband becomes available for your place.

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