Satechi Audio Move SD – a portable stereo speaker that plays music directly via microSDHC card

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Satechi Audio Move SD is a handy portable speaker for those who’re always on the go. The Audio Move SD features a microSDHC card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack that makes it compatible with various music players and smartphones including your iPod, iPhone and Android smartphones etc.

The Satechi Audio Move SD is equipped with two speakers, allowing for superb stereo sound. It also plays music directly via a microSDHC memory card. If you slot in a 32GB memory card, you can have up to 600 albums of your favorite tunes to be blasted through this portable speaker.

It plays music for up to 17 hours while playing directly from a microSDHC card. And it offers 24 hours of playback while a music player is connected via its line-in jack. It can be USB powered and a USB power adapter is included. You can get it from Amazon for a price of $30.

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