Toshiba shows off a wireless-powered and water-proof Android tablet

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We heard about wireless power transmission by the use of magnetic resonance a couple of years back but so far there isn’t any device in the market that has embraced the technology. Now, Toshiba has the idea, wanting be the first one to bring you an Android tablet that is wireless powered and also water-proof.

Apparently, the Toshiba’s idea is definitely nice which lets you use a tablet in the pool. And you’ll never run out of juice since it can be wirelessly powered by a charging station that’s some distance away.

Toshiba has shown off a “proof of concept” prototype of the wireless-powered and water-proof Android tablet at CES 2012. Actually, the Toshiba tablet makes use of the water’s conduction strengths to transmit power from a distant charging station to the tablet. This also means that the tablet needs to be immersed or used in water in order to receive power wirelessly. And of course, it’s water-proof and safe for you to use it in the pool without damaging it or getting you electrocuted.

Anyway, it’s a just a “proof of concept” prototype that the company’s got. The spokeswoman of Toshiba has no information on when the tablet will go on sale.

via pocket-lint

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