A self-healing protective case for your iPhone announced by Nissan

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Even though your precious iPhone wears a case but eventually the case will collect as many scratches as it can throughout your daily uses, which will make the exterior of your precious device to look ugly. Now, Nissan has the solution to let the outer look of your iPhone remain as clean as possible with zero scratches.

Nissan has announced a self-healing iPhone case, made from the “The Nissan Scratch Shield” paint technology – the same paint technology which Nissan has been using on its automobiles since 2005.

The case heals itself after it gets scratched. The Scratch Shield paint is made from polyrotaxane, which has a chemical structure that’s able to change back to its original shape and fill the gap that results from a fine scratch. Small scratches will usually take a couple of hours to heal while severe scratches may take up to weeks.

Currently, the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case is still at its beta testing stage, thus, there is no pricing info for it. Nissan aims to make this self-healing case available for your iPhone by the later part of 2012.

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