Water-powered USB charger – Powerpukk

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Here comes a mobile charger called the Powerpukk which doesn’t add any single cent to your bills as it’s simply powered by water and a non-toxic chemical called sodium silicide to create hydrogen gas to power the fuel cell.

The Powerpukk charger has been created by Swedish firm myFC who also created the Powertrekk fuel-cell charger. The Powerpukk has a cartridge of sodium silicide on one side and a water tray on the other.

The Powerpukk just needs a couple of spoonful water to charge your mobile devices. It’s non-corrosive and leak-proof which allows fuel cells of 1W to 3W to be used. If you need more energy you can simply slot in another cartridge to add more energy to it. Any water can be used for this charger and it’s able to produce power equivalent to four AA batteries and provide up 10 hours of battery life for your phone.

The Powerpukk charger is able to charge any USB-chargeable gadgets or smartphones. It will be available in May or June and cost around $250 each and the cartridge will cost around $4 each.

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