PrimeSense shows off gesture-controlled TV interface

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If you wish to control your TV as cool as you do with the gestures on Kinect, soon there will be a TV that allows you to do so. PrimeSense is the key player in this next-gen TV interface which allows you to interact with your TV through gestures.

The PrimeSense gesture-controlled TV interface makes use of a 3D camera on top of the TV that captures your gestures. It works pretty similarly to any touchscreen interface with the major difference is you can be 10 feet away from the TV screen.

So, you’ll simply use various gestures including waving your hand, throwing pinching gestures to navigate the TV guide and flip through channels etc.

The PrimeSense technology can be applied on a TV screen to allow users to shop for wearable items online as well. Such as you can see yourself in clothes you’d like to buy, right on the TV screen and purchase them directly. A clip is included below showing how it works.

via techcrunch

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