Liquipel waterproofs every inch of your iPhone and Android smartphones

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Your iPhone is your most loved gadget which you’d have it with you everywhere you go. Doubtlessly, it’s the most prone to dropping in water, thus you’ll need to find a way to safe guide it from the damage of water.

Liquipel, a company based in Carlifonia which its name is a combination of the two words “liquid” and “repel”, has readied a waterproof solution for your iPhone or Android smartphones. The Liquipel waterproof solution is based on a special coating for your smartphone that protects it from moisture.

This special nano-coating from Liquipel is applied to your device inside a chamber which is a vacuum that has the Liquipel vapor introduced and allows it to spread through the entire device.

In order to waterproof your mobile device using the Liquipel solution, you have to send your device to them. It costs you $59 for a standard treatment which will take a couple of days. Or you can add an additional $10 for a priority treatment that gets your phone back to you in a much shorter time.

A clip is included below showing an iPhone 4 could survive the water damage.

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