Wi3 WipNet transmits data via home’s coax backbone at 175Mbps

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Wi3 has the new Wipnet technology which has been introduced at CES 2012. The device uses your home coax backbone (e.g. existing caax cable from your cable TV service) to transmit data at pretty fast speeds of up to 1t 175Mbps.

The Wipnet will go on sale sometime in April 2012 and it’ll come in four different models which are Wip1000, Wip1500, Wip2000 and Wip2500. The Wip1000 and Wip2000 is equipped with one and two Ethernet ports respectively. While the Wip2000 offers WiFi connectivity and Ethernet and the Wip2500 offers HDMI and Ethernet connectivity.

The price shall start at $175 for the non-wireless models while the wireless model costs an additional $50. It may also come included with wall sockets or wall mounts which is best for small apartments. The company has also developed a model that’s capable of sending power over coax cable, which will be useful for having the device mounted at places where power is hard to reach.

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