WarpiaTV brings your PC contents to large HDTV screen

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Warpia has announced their new product known as WarpiaTV which is a PC to TV connectivity solution, featuring wireless motion controller and icon-based video browsing software.

With the WarpiaTV, you can easily map your what’re on your computer screen onto the large HDTV screen. Such as you can bring all gameplays, software applications, all sort of news and entertainment from your computer to a big TV screen.

The WarpiaTV allows you to be connected from up to 30 feet away, while maintaining the complete control of contents using the included wireless motion controller. You can stream all sort of content in full HD resolution onto the big TV screen including video, pictures, movies and presentations as well as Internet content such YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix etc.

A more complete set of the WarpiaTV is the WarpiaTV Wireless Edition which costs $200. And it includes a number of gears such as Wireless Motion Controller, WarpiaTV Browser, HDMI cable, wireless USB receiver, wireless USB PC adapter, quick start guide and installation CD. There is also a basic version which costs $80 a set. Both versions are now available on Warpia.com now.

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