Optrix unveils VideoPro iPhone app – a video recording app for extreme sports

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Optrix are known for their rugged mount which transforms your iPhone 4S/4 and iPod Touch into an HD action sports camera. The company has unveiled a new iPhone app known as the VideoPro which comes with great features for you to record your extreme actions and activities.

The Optrix VideoPro includes capabilities such as displaying and recording lap time, GPS track map, speed, g-force diagram and more. The app was developed in conjunction with the creators of Harry’s Lap Timer, the VideoPro app for your iPhone/iPod allows you record videos of extreme actions with lots of useful data without the need to purchase expensive telemetry equipment.

The app is a perfect compliment of the Optrix HD Sport the first rugged waterproof case for your iPhone that allows easy shooting, editing and uploading full HD video right from your iPhone. If you’re one of those into extreme sports activities such as racers, skateboarders, snowboarders and bikers etc, the Optrix accessories and the VideoPro will turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into the best recording device for your extreme sports actions.

The VideoPro app will be available on Apple app store at $9.99 starting mid January. Visit www.optrixhd.com for more info.

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