Samsung updates its dualview cameras with Samsung DV300F

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Samsung has updated its line of dual-view cameras with the new Samsung DV300F. The camera has dual screens, a front-facing and a rear-facing LCD displays. The front LCD display is meant for the users taking self portrait with ease. And some more this front LCD also displays animations to keep kids focused while taking pictures for them.

The camera has a 7.76mm 16 Megapixel CCD sensor which receives light from a 4.5-22.5mm (5X zoom) f4.5 lens. It should do well in good lighting conditions but might face some problems while operating low-light conditions. It also packs image stabilization technology, WiFi connectivity, and the capabilities to upload to various to online photo/video sharing or social networking sites including Facebook, YouTube, Picassa and Flickr.

The Samsung DV300F is like other Samsung cameras, comes pre-loaded with effects and presets. Just to mention a few here – the ability to mix still photos and videos and the “freeze time” which freezes everything around a moving subject are the cool ones.

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