Ask Ziggy app for Windows phone equivalent to Siri for iPhone 4S

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For the Windows phone users, if you’ve been so much envious of the iPhone users on how cool the Apple Siri allows them to voice operate their devices, now you’d almost do the same on your Windows smartphones. A new app for the Windows phone platform known as Ask Ziggy, has surfaced with the attempts to rival Apple’s Siri.

The “Ask Ziggy” has been developed by Windows Developer Shai Leib and it uses voice recognition technology to allow you to perform search queries on your phone, saving you the hassles of having to type on the keyboard. You can voice search for directions, flight statuses, financial stock prices, weather, calculation results and other data on a handset running the Windows Phone 7 OS.

The Ask Ziggy’s user interface shows some resemblance to the Apple’s Siri such as showing search results in chat bubbles. The Ask Ziggy is reported to use Nuanceā€™s voice recognition engine, and is paired with other algorithms that comb search results for relevant responses and answers. However when a direct answer cannot be found, user will be shown with a link to the search results for the particular question.

via slashgear

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