SiriusXM intros Lynx portable Internet and satellite radio

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SiriusXM has announced Lynx Portable Radio which is claimed to be the first SiriusXM 2.0 radio which offers new features and expanded channel lineup over Internet and satellite. The Lynx is capable of receiving a variety of SiriusXM 2.0 channels including commercial-free music, sports, and comedy. And it also includes the SiriusXM Latino, a new suite of Spanish-language programming.

The Lynx portable radio can have new features added via software update, ummm, it works almost like your iPhone or smartphone where you’ll get new features via software or OS update. Some more, the SiriusXM 2.0 is a major upgrade of the SiriusXM Internet and satellite service.

The Lynx portable radio now offers more controls for the subscribers, allowing subscribers to have option to restart their favorite content while remaining connected to SiriusXM Internet Radio over WiFi.

The device also packs a large touchscreen display which offers better listening experience and controls. And it’s capable of streaming SiriusXM content to Bluetooth-enabled devices including speakers, headphones, vehicle stereos etc.

Last but not least, Lynx runs Android which is why it offers those cool features and touchscreen capabilities. And the software can be updated via WiFi without the hassle of having to tether it to a computer for update. It’s available at $250 USD on

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