Trumstand iPhone speaker dock

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Japanese Pleiades have designed a pretty unique looking Trumstand iPhone dock which is a horn-shaped speaker dock that is made out of brass. The Trumstand speaker dock does not rely on any electronic parts to amplify sounds for your iPhone, which works similarly to the MegaPhone that we’ve seen before.

The Trumstand speaker dock simply makes use of the natural acoustics of its horn-shaped speaker to amplify sounds. In addition, the sound that is emitted from the iPhone’s speaker is transmitted to the base of the Trumstand that works as a sound box and transfers sound to the speaker itself.

The base of the Trumstand is also made out of thick alloy which minimizes external vibrations to ensure better sound quality. Two models of Trusmstand are available, a gold and a silver model but they’r priced at hefty prices at $2,000 and $1,800 respectively.

via gadgetlite

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