Reel Doozy iOS app lets you put Santa anywhere you want

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Now you can easily show off photos or videos that have Santa shot together with you. Although you may have never had a real shot with Santa but you can easily create a number of them right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The Reel Doozy has a brand new iPhone app that allows you to combine green screen scenarios of iconic figures including Santa Clause, Elves and even YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill into any of your personal photos or videos.

With the green screen technology now you can have Santa to appear anywhere in any of your photos or videos. The Reel Doozy app comes with a number of foreground videos, you just have to simply choose one and set it to take place inside any of your favorite homemade pictures or videos. In a matter of seconds, you can have iconic figures such as Santa appearing in your photos or videos.

The Reel Doozy app is now available on Apple App Store for free. A sample video created by the Reel Doozy is included below.

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