Innergie Magic Cable Trio offers Apple 30-pin connector, mini and micro USB in a single cord

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Apparently, what’s shown here is the best 3-in-1 cable that most on-the-go users want. It’s the Innergie Magic Cable Trio which offers you the Apple 30-pin connector, mini and micro USB connectivity in just a single cable. If you have this cable carried around with your computer everywhere you go, then you can be sure if you’ll never have problems for charging or syncing your iPhone and other USB-equipped smartphones or tablets.

The first connector of the Innergie Magic Cable Trio is apparently an Apple’s 30-pin conector for your iOS devices, but the image has a mistake which refers it as a 40-pin connector. Anyway, the 3-in-1 cable is definitely handy and some more the two outermost connectors (30-pin and micro USB connectors) stay connected to the cable when not being used, to ensure they won’t be misplaced.

So with this cable, you can be sure you can always charge or sync your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android smartphones and other gadgets without any problem at all. It’s available now for $20 each only. It’s definitely worth keeping one in your bag.

via gizmag

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