xPrintServer is the wireless printing solution for your iPad and other iOS devices

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There are many business users using their iPads to read emails and other documents and most of the time they will want to print those documents. If your office is not equipped with printers that support AirPrint then you might end up with hassles of having to transfer the documents to a computer for printing.

Now there is a handy wireless printing solution for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, which has been announced by Lantronix. Known as the XPrintserver which is an iPhone-sized print server that plugs into your network and discovers all the printers automatically. The XPrintserver is said to support up to over 4,000 printers, including popular brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, Dell, Lexmark and Xerox.

The Xprintserver connects directly to the print option within the iOS and costs only $150 when it ships in January 2012. If your work environment has quite a number of iOS device users and they’ll always need to print right from their devices, then the Xprintserver will definitely come in handy. Find out more on the product page.

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