Malicious Android apps double in less than six months

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Apple is known for being strict in approving apps, which they want to make sure that any iOS apps uploaded to Apple app store do not contain viruses, malicious codes or anything that drains too much resources, leak memory or harm the user’s devices. While on the other hand, Android apps are much easier to get approval and there are a number of 3rd-part app stores other than the Android Market. Thus in less than six months’ time, malicious Android apps have doubled to 1,000. And of course this is a threat to Android users.

Studies conducted by Mobile Security firm, Lookout show that the figures have doubled in less than 6 months. Third-party app stores and alternatives to the Android market are the main sources of the vicious apps.

The stats also indicate that the mobile walware for Android users will increase from the 1 percent in 2011 to 4 percent in 2012. These malware could also lead to Android users unknowningly enter a phishing site such as while they click on a link on a malware.

It’s been spotted the chance of Android users clicking an unsafe link is 36 percent globally and 40 percent in the US in a year. Most of these malicious apps come in the form of offering free wallpapers and popular games, but actually they’re trying to mislead the users entering phishing sites stealing the user’s data. So, if you always get Android apps from 3rd-party app stores, beware of clicking those in-app ads, OK buttons and shortened URLs etc, which are the sources of leading you to Android malware.

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