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iRobot Roomba iPhone game lets you practice mobile vacuum cleaning

The popular iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning robot has an iPhone game published on the Apple App store. Known as the Roomba Revenge, the game allows you to control the Roomba Robot battling with the Dust Bunnies. Your mission is to gobble up dirt, dust and debris until the floor is absolutely clean.

You have to avoid getting close to the Dust Bunnies or else they will stomp on your Roomba and throw down more dirt. But once the Roomba has entered the Revenge mode, it’ll become invincible – which is when the Dust Bunnies have to run and hide from the Roomba’s powerful suction.

There are obstacles and helpers in your vacuum cleaning route including cats that will slow the robot down and human owner who will pick up the Roomba, get it out of trouble or bring it to rooms where it can’t reach.

The Roomba Revenge is now available on Apple App store for $0.99 only. A clip is included below showing it in action. It’s quite fun.

via intomobile

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