Sequinetic reverse sunglasses let more light into your eyes to eliminate SAD

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Sunglasses are meant to keep bright light out of your eyes but the Sequinetic reverse sunglasses do the opposite, by letting more light into your eyes, which claims to eliminate SAD (Seasonal affective disorder).

Those who live in the Northern Hemisphere will get sad during winter as they get longer hours of darkness in their days. So, during winter, the reverse sunglasses will come in handy, which shine bright light into your eyes to let you feel that it is not so dark out there. This will probably make you happier and have more energy.

The reverse sunglasses are equipped with 6 ultra-bright LEDs which bounce off of a reflector at your face. These glasses are good for use for up to 30 minutes a day which are said to let you have much more energy during the long, dark winter months.

These reverse sunglasses are currently a Kickstarter project which aims to raise up to $8,000 USD of fund. But they may come too little too late as the Northern Hemisphere has entered the winter months for quite sometime. Anyway, if you wish not to feel sad during the winter of the coming years, then help make them materialize.

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