Unofficial H1Siri hack causes instability and privacy concerns

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If you want Siri, you’d better get an iPhone 4S as what I did. Well, there is an unofficial Siri hack out there which is known as H1 Siri and made available earlier this week. The H1Siri allows older models of iOS devices to run Siri but there seems to have no pleasant experience on using H1Siri on older iOS devices.

The currently known issues with H1Siri including instability of device, failure of camera and concerns over data privacy. The H1Siri is said to illegally use the copyrighted binaries extracted from the iPhone 4S.

Siri is known to not solely reside on the iPhone, it also needs to authenticate and communicate with the Apple remote server, therefore the H1Siri needs to pretend its requests are coming from a genuine iPhone 4S.

The H1Siri was developed by a group of Chinese hackers, called “CD-Dev Team” which initially just wanted to run a small test, but unfortunately the code was leaked, causing a huge demand to their server which then failed to cope with it. The H1Siri needs to send data to its proxy server, meaning you’re exposed to the risk of redirecting your emails, contacts, text messages, location and other details to a 3rd-party server. So, jailbreakers, it’s highly advisable to stay away from this unofficial Siri port! A clip is included below showing how the H1Siri works on an iPhone 4.

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