Scanomat TopBrewer – a faucet-like, iPhone-controlled coffee machine

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How can a coffee machine stand out from the rest? Besides being able to automatically grind your beans and measure out the right ingredients to make a perfect cup, it also needs to be controllable by iOS devices.

The Scanomat TopBrewer is a coffee machine which features a pretty unique, faucet-like design. It simply has a stainless steel tap exposed. And the best is it can be controlled by your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, allowing you to make your beverage selection wirelessly on your iOS device.

You just need to toss your cup under the spigot and tap an icon. You can also have it to dispense cold milk, hot chocolate, water and even carbonated water. Price and availability are still unknown at the moment. A clip is included below showing it in action.

via engadget

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