Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket exploded in a man’s pocket!!!

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, and it gets pretty hot when there are lots of gaming or network activities such as Facebook, Twitter etc (Whereas, iPhone 4 or iPhon4 S will never get hot with the same amount of activities). A handset that easily gets hot would probably lead to explosion – that’s what I’d think of, sometimes. Unfortunately, a variant of the S2 – the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket really exploded in a man’s pocket!

The victim felt a “burning sensation” with smoke coming out of his pocket. The pictures show that the burnt S2 Skyrocket use the original Samsung battery. Therefore, it’s not caused by using unauthorized 3rd-party battery. Fortunately, the man was not injured but his pants should have been messed up.

via sammyhub

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