Augmented reality-enabled contact lenses

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These days you can use your smartphones to get augmented reality information. But there is still a little hassle involved as you have to tug your phone out your pocket and launch the AR-enabled app on your smartphone. But not far in the future, you will be able to get AR information projected right on your eyes.

A team of American and Finnish researchers at the University of Washington have been working on augmented reality-enabled contact lenses and have carried out some testing of the contact lenses on rabbits.

The lenses in testing now have a very low resolution of 1 pixel only. The researchers think that the resolution will improve over time and that someday they will become very useful for various applications including navigation, reading news, email and watching video etc.

The prototype of these AR-enabled contact lenses come equipped with a very tiny RF transmitter which measures only 5mm in length. It isn’t hard to imagine that you could get the kind of Terminator vision while you’re wearing the AR lenses.

via slashgear

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