iPhone 4S Siri used to control the house temperature

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Siri on iPhone 4S can be more useful than just a voice assistant. It’s been used to control the house temperature thanks to developer and iPhone hacker @plamoni.

The developer has created a proxy server that allows Siri to work with other connected devices. And it also allos you to set Siri up with new functionality that’s not in the official list of features.

By using the proxy server, Siri can be taught with some commands to allow it to interact with any standard thermostat with built-in WiFi. A video is included below which shows how it tells the status of the thermostat, relays the room temperature and sets the heater on on a specified temperature.

The Siri Proxy source has also been uploaded to github, but of course, you must possess some know-how on how to create root CA using OpenSSL and have it issue a signed certificate etc, in order to do the same with the Siri of your iPhone 4S. Anyway, if you can’t do that just enjoy the following clip on how it works.

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