iBuyPower announces Chimera 4 gaming PC system

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iBuyPower has launched their 4th generation of gaming line in the form of Chimera 4 gaming PC which is inspired by the mythical fire-breathing beast. Each Chimera 4 gaming PC us ships overclocked by 10% and with option in some configurations upgradable to 20%.

The Chimera 4 comes in a fiery case design and in a mid-tower form factor to fit most desks and offers no limitations of configuration options and future upgradeability. This gaming OC system is stuffed with 3 external drives including Blu-ray drive and card reader etc. And there is option for SLI or CrossFireX configuration for even greater performance.

Its enclosure is capable of accommodating up to 8 internal HDDs ranging up to 3TB for a total of 24 TB of storage space. Other goodies are 4 front panels for the convenience of connections to headsets, microphones and other USB devices. It’s also stuffed with 6 fans and equipped with a liquid-cooling system for the CPU. They’re now available with AMD FX, Intel Z68, and Intel X79 platforms and up on iBuyPower.com with a price starting at $800.

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