LG unveils new 3D cinema projector – CF3DAT

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LG Electronics has unveiled a new 3D cinema projector known as CF3DAT. It’s capable of projecting up an image size of 200 inches and supporting both 2D and 3D content. The projector is able to project at a brightness of 1250 ANSI in 3D mode, making it about six time than other premium projectors.

The projector supports full HD 1080p resolution and features the Film Patterned Retarder display technology, meaning the projected 3D images can be viewed by wearing the normal polarized 3D glasses rather than the more expensive active 3D glasses.

The projector with excellent brightness makes it suitable to be used in large living rooms, museums, auditoriums and other venues. The CF3DAT will be available for the Korea market only but they’ll have a version for the International market known as CF3DAA which will be available in first half of 2012 and it’ll come equipped with a TV tuner. Currently, no pricing info for both models.

via slashgear

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