iPhone 4 would get Siri officially?

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Siri works quite conveniently on the iPhone 4S, especially when you don’t feel like typing lots of text on the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard. You can simply talk to Siri and get it to make a call, send an SMS, set up a reminder and more.

Siri currently works on the iPhone 4S only. Although some developers managed to port it to a jailbroken iPhone 4 but they will not release it for the public.

For those who do not want to spend extra bucks for an iPhone 4S, and wish to stick to their existing iPhone 4, chances are Siri would come to the iPhone 4 officially later.

Currently, all these are just rumors, but these rumors are claimed to come from a source close to Apple who said Apple is currently testing Siri on the iPhone 4. It’s believed that Apple employees are running a version of iOS 5 that allows iPhone 4 to work with Siri.

It’s also believed that Siri was made exclusive on the iPhone 4S to boost the sales of the iPhone 4S. As there wasn’t a big change for the iPhone 4S that many expected. Therefore, Siri was made as one of the key features.

At the moment, no actual indication when Siri would become available for the iPhone 4. Chances are iPad 2, Mac and Apple TV would get Siri as well. Clip below is what I usually ask Siri to setup a reminder for me on my iPhone 4S. It’s quite convenient though.

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