Kudos turns your smartphone into a portable credit card reader

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It’s definitely a plus for business men on the go, if they could use their mobile phones as portable credit card terminals to receive payment from their customers. The iPhone has been known having such a type of accessory, a device that plugs into the iPhone’s 30-pin dock connector to turn it into a portable credit card terminal. Just to name few, the Square, Swipe It are those designed to work with the iPhone.

Now there is one more such a mobile accessory, known as Kudos by NetSecure Payments, which is available in the United States and is capable of turning desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones into credit card terminals.

Kudos is great for merchants, allowing them to sell products in the middle of a field, or even on a bus or train or at places where there are no ATMs nearby.

Kudos will also benefit small merchants who have never used credit card transactions due to high upfront costs, monthly fees and complex contracts. Kudos is claimed to offer all the mentioned at a much lower cost. Kudos costs only $100 and can be had from KudosPayments.com or at a lower price of $80 only from OfficeDepot.com

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