Two iPads make up the spookiest Halloween costume

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Mark Rober, a NASA engineer managed to turn himself into a dead walking zombie showing you a big hole through his torso. All he uses are only two iPads, one on the front and another on the backside of his body. And of course, he’s added more ingredient by squirting some red sauce on the shirt, that makes it look more real.

The iPad on his backside is capturing the scene behind him while the iPad on the front capturing the scene in front of him. And the two iPads are linked via FaceTime chat, thus showing you as if there is a hole through the wearer’s torso.

Of course to have it working all the time, you’ll need to have WiFi connection, therefore the Robber suggests that you keep a WiFi hotspot in your pocket just in case you happened to drop by a Halloween party that has no WiFi around. Another worry is the iPads’ batteries. Anyway, it’s pretty cool. Watch the clip below showing the high-tech Halloween costume in action.

via slashgear

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