Nimbuzz is the iPhone FaceTime to PC

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The FaceTime video calling is cool, allowing you to make free video calls to iOS devices and to Mac computers. But you can’t make FaceTime calls from your iPhone to a PC user or from a PC to your iPhone. Now, there is a solution for PC users who wish to communicate with iOS device users by video calling. It’s Nimbuzz which allows you to make video calls between PC and iOS devices.

Nimbuzz is meant for Windows computers and iOS devices. You’ll be able to make video calls using Nimbuzz from PC to iOS device, iOS to PC, iOS device to iOS device over 3G and WiFi. You’ll also be able to make video calls without audio, which only allows users to see each other and communicate by typing text on networks that have restricted VOIP services.

Nimbuzz is now available for the iOS devices, which is a good alternative to FaceTime, you can download it from Apple App Store. It at least lets you make video calls to PC users using your iPhone. The Android and Symbian versions will be available in the future as well.

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