TokyoFlash Kisai Seven LED watch

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Are you a fan of Tron? Here is another cool-looking LED watch from TokyoFlash, known as Kisai Seven which is said having its design inspired by Tron. The Kisai Seven has been designed by Scott Galloway, who’s been a fan of TokyoFlash watches.

The watch has two pulsating rings of light which form the dials of the watch. The LED lights also extend down to both sides of the watch strap which apparently forms a style of the Tron.

The two LED rings on the watch face represent the hours and minutes but these rings may fail to tell you the exact time – The time is actually indicated by the dark void section of the ring. The inner ring is the hour and the outer ring is the minute.

Want one? The Kizai Seven watch is now available for a limited time release price of $99 until October 28th 11am Japan time and will be raised back to $139 after that.

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