200-inch full HD glasses-free 3D TV

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A 200-inch full HD glasses-free 3D TV has been achieved by 57 HD projectors, with each of them projecting a slightly different image. The massive 200-inch glasses-free HD TV was setup by NITC and JVC Kenwood.

Each HD projector projects a slightly different image that was recorded with slightly different angle. They’re being projected on a surface made up of special lenses and films, which result a 3D wall, which you can just walk around to get different views of. And the best is it’s glasses-free.

Currently, the 3D walk allows for a mere 13 degrees of viewing angle. Increasing the viewing angle will need more projectors since each addition to the viewing angle requires a separate display system. Apparently, recording such a 3D video is no easy task as it needs to be recorded from many different angles – You’ll need a separate camera for each perspective, which in this case you need one camera for every two centimeters. Watch the clip below for the impressive full HD 3D wall.

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