Scosche announces clipSYNC charge and sync cable with built-in carabineer clip

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Scosche has announced the availability of its clipSYNC charge and sync cable. It is suitable for active users whose lives are filled with various outdoor activities. The clipSYNC comes in a super compact size, and has a built-in, spring-loaded carabineer clip that can conveniently clip on your backpack, bag and keychain etc.

The clipSYNC is available in the iPhone/iPod and Mico & Mini USB models. The latter features a unique patent pending hammerhead design.

The clipSYNC is made from rugged aluminum and durable polycarbonate and fit enough to withstand normal tear and wear in your journeys. Similar to any regular charge and sync cable, it hooks up to USB 2.0 port for charging your device and data transfer. It’s now available on for a rather expensive price tag of $20 each.

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