Phrasal Verbs iPhone app helps you speak English more naturally

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If you’re not a native English speaker but you wish to sound more natural while speaking English, there is an iPhone app can help. Called the Phrasal Verbs which is an iPhone app developed by Nadia Bentoua, a veteran ESL (English as a second language) teacher of Dynamic English Lessons, aiming to get you to learn phrasal verbs, which are what you need to make yourself sound more natural when speaking English.

The Phrasal Verbs iPhone app is fun to have, it works like a simple game on your iPhone which presents you 6 categories of puzzles including leisure, travel, business, everyday, dating and health. Apparently, the six categories are the basic needs for your everyday conversation.

There is also an X-rated category which needs you to complete the above-mentioned six categories to unlock it. There are actually 10 puzzles in each category. Each puzzle presents you an English sentence with missing phrasal verbs, and you need to match the correct phrasal verbs using the double-scrollview selector at the bottom to solve the puzzle.

It depends on the number of attempts you need to get the correct phrasal verbs for a puzzle. If you get it right with only the first attempt, you’ll get a green A+ and of course a red F if you need many attempts to get the correct answer. You’ll get B, C, D as well if you get somewhere in between.

Once you’ve got the correct phrasal verb for a puzzle, the phrasal verb is added to a dictionary, where you can check its definition and hear its pronunciation.

As mentioned, there is an X-rated category which is deemed fun & naughty, but unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I haven’t completed all six categories yet to unlock the X-rated. I’ll update this post when I’ve unlocked the X-rated. According to the app’s instruction, the X-rated presents you with sentences with phrasal verbs ripped into pieces and you’re required to put them back together – a more fun and challenging stage.

Last but not least, the Phrasal app has a setting section where you can turn sound on or off, change the sound effect and reset all the answers. Changing the sound effect to “rude”, you’ll be laughed or condemned with funny and weird sounds like farting when you get a wrong answer.

Overall, the Phrasal Verbs app presents a fun and simple way to learn phrasal verbs on your iPhone while you’re on the go. The app is available on Apple app store for $0.99. Or you can check out Dynamic English Lessons for more info about their app.

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