Luxa2 has readied 13 designs of iPhone 5 cases ahead of Apple’s launch

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Luxa2 is ahead of the Apple’s launch, having announced 13 different designs of their iPhone 5 cases. This could most probably mean that Apple is very likely to announce the iPhone 5 in their event later today.

The Luxa2 iPhone 5 cases offer a number of unusual designs including a wooden one and a braided one and several other models made of plastic with various patterns. From these iPhone 5 cases, you could guess how the iPhone 5 would look like. It’s likely that the iPhone 5 is back with a metal back with a plastic Apple logo.

From the pictures of the cases, there will be no change for the camera. But the volume buttons seem to have changed into a slim line rocker design and the lock switch has been moved to right next to the camera, opposite the volume buttons. Well, it’s just a couple of hours then you’ll know the details of the iPhone 5.


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