iOS and Android-controllable TankBot is now available

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TankBot is a tiny desktop robot that’s perfect for killing some time when you’re fed up with your work. It features three interactive modes which allow it to navigate mazes, free-roam and be fully controllable by using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices.

The TankBot is rechargeable via USB which eliminates worries of battery cost. It offers a variety of play modes, sounds and maneuvers. It’s equipped with various IR sensors which allow it to easily navigate twist, turns and avoid obstacles.

While the tiny bot is set to free roaming mode, it’ll become a little more amusing which it will take its own directions and produce various sounds including aggressive growls and impatient honks. In a rare case it tips over, it’ll even make a helpless cry.

The TankBot is now available for $25 each at Radio Shack and Toys R’ Us nationwide. More information about the TankBot can be found on the company’s website –

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