Vuzix launches Wrap 1200VR virtual reality video glasses

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Those who wish to continue watching movies and playing games on a big screen while on the go, can simply make use of video glasses. The latest video glasses brought to you by Vuzix is the Wrap 1200VR which allows you to enjoy 16:9 widescreen of video watching and gameplay.

Wearing the Vuzix 1200R video glasses that offers a 35-degree field of view, is equivalent to watching 3D content on a 75-inch screen from 10 feet away. The Wrap 1200R is equipped with sensor tracking technology which supports up to a resolution of 1280×768 (720p).

The tracking technology has some sophistication in it, packing 9 sensors which create a 3-degree of smooth and realistic of motion tracking. With the head tracking feature, it supports 3D video and gameplays including over 100 titles of 3D videos and some popular game titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Fallout 3, F.E.A.R and many more.

These video glasses work perfectly with your laptop or desktop. They’re now available on Vuzix for a price of $600 a pair.

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