iTwin USB sharing device now supports the Mac platform

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Remember the iTwin? The little USB device that plugs into your computer to allow you to share your files securely over the Internet with your friend’s computer that also has the iTwin plugged in. The first version of the iTwin was made available end of 2010 which supports only the Windows platform.

Now, good news for the Mac users, the iTwin has now been made available for the Mac users, supporting both the Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion OSes. The iTwin now allows a Mac iTwin user to share files securely over Internet with other iTwin Windows or Mac users.

The encryption technology (AES 256 bit) adopted by iTwin is military-graded, so it should eliminate your worry of some security issues of your files traveling through the Internet.

It’s easy to use, which is simply Plug&Play. Two computers that are geographically separated are able to share files securely as long as they have Internet connection. iTwin is available on iTwin store or Amazon for $100 each. A clip is included below to refresh your mind on how it works.

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