Tursion TS-102 – world’s first Android-powered pico projector

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A pico projector needs a complex operating system like Android, then you should realize it does more than just a pico projector. Tursion TS-102 is a pico projector that runs Android 2.1 as its operating system and is claimed to be the first of its kind.

This tiny device comes equipped with a built-in 3M’s LCoS MM200 projector which is able to project an 800×600 image up to 100 inches in size at 20 lumens of brightness. This pico projector can be hooked up to another device or you can have it displaying media stored on the internal 8GB of flash memory or on a microSD card.

It’s little more sophisticated than other pico projectors, comes loaded with some apps as it runs Android and you can easily navigate apps with the integrated touchpad. It also has built-in WiFi which means you can hook it up to your office or home wireless network, and copying files over for projecting them. The internal rechargeable battery of this pico projector is good for 80 minutes. It’s pretty expensive and sets you back at $450.

via techfresh

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