Okite Alarm app tweets your embarrassments of hitting the snooze button

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It’s a little embarrassing for letting your Twitter followers know that you’ll always press the snooze button of your alarm clock while it goes off. Hence, we have here an alarm clock app called the Okite Alarm app, which tweets about you pressing the snooze button, trying to embarrass you on Twitter.

If you’ve decided to use the Okite Alarm app on your iPhone, you’ll have to link it with your Twitter account so it’ll post embarrassing tweets each time you hit the snooze button.

The app is definitely fun to have on your iDevice. It comes with a set of embarrassing tweets such as “dressed as a sailor now”, “not enough talented people like me in the world”, with each followed by the hashtag of #okite. The app can be downloaded from iTunes for free. It was developed by the Japanese firm, Eureka, hence it shows you buttons and menus in Japanese. But it should be easy enough for those who don’t read Japanese. FYI, Okite means “Wake up” in Japanese.

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