Ballistic Lifestyle iPhone 4 case offers different levels of protection with interchangeable corner bumpers

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Ballistic cases for mobile devices are known for their ruggedness and ability to provide great protection for your precious smartphones from drops, bumps and knocks. Now Ballistic want to make their cases more stylish and with the flexibity to interchange some parts to suit your mood or rage while on the go.

Freshly announced by Ballistic is the Ballistic Lifestyle case for the iPhone 4, which offers interchangeable corner bumpers that make it stand out from other rugged cases. These interchangeable corner bumpers offer different thickness options so you can have different levels of protection. Such as while you’d be having a bad day, you’d better use the corner bumpers that are thick enough to withstand your throwing the iPhone to release your rage.

The Ballistic Lifestyle case also maintains the same lightweight design that suits your on-the-go lifestyle and the best is it helps your ensure your iPhone 4 intact while you’d be going through different obstacles in life.

Now the Lifestyle case is available in translucent smoke and translucent blue and can be had from for $30 each. Each case comes with one set of standard black bumpers and one set of large red bumpers for extra protection. If you ain’t have any plan to upgrade to the iPhone 5 that will arrive next month, then it’d better for you to grab the Lifestyle case for making your iPhone 4 more lasting.

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