Zero1 unveils VooMote Zapper universal remote dongle for iPhone

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Zero1.TV is to unveil its universal remote dongle for the iPhone at IFA Show in Berlin. The new Zero1’s universal remote dongle is called VooMote Zapper which comes in a small form factor that’s as small as a paperclip that easily connects to the 30-pin connector of your iPhone, retaining the iPhone’s pocket-ability.

Once the VooMote Zapper universal remote dongle is plugged into your iPhone, you have to download a free app that works with the dongle to turn your iPhone into a universal remote. From that on, you can control virtually almost every AV gear you have at home and it even lets you easily find your favorite TV shows.

Using the free Zero1 iOS app on your iPhone, you can optimize the layout of your own remote. Users can freely create macros which create shortcuts to functions at one touch only. The VooMote Zapper also features the Room Control and One View found on the VooMote One. These two features are great for you to categorize your IR devices by room or location and also control multiple devices with a touch of a button your iPhone’s touchscreen.

Another great feature of the VooMote Zapper is the TV guide, which allows you to graphically program your favorite TV shows on your iPhone or iPad touchscreen. While using it with an iPad, you can also comfortably navigate through all your favorite TV shows on a larger display of the iPad.

The VooMote Zapper will be available sometime this fall on and be headed to other international retailers soon. While the iOS app will be available for free download from Apple App store soon.

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