Rumors claim iPhone 5 will have a smaller screen and a metal back

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There have been lots of rumors about the next generation of iPhone. Regardless it’ll be an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5, every one of us is expecting that the next-gen iPhone will be better than what the current iPhone 4 is. Surprisingly, the latest rumors claim that the iPhone 5 will have smaller screen of 3.7 inches, regardless we’ve been seeing a number of smartphones packing larger 4.5-inch screens recently.

The rumors are from a pretty reliable source, the Taiwanese news site Digitimes, which has an above average record of getting all these things right. Other than the smaller 3.7-inch screen, the rumors also claim that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will come with a metal back that replaces the existing fragile glass of the iPhone 4, which many users have accidentally damaged.

If the rumors are true, the smaller 3.7-inch screen is definitely unacceptable for most users. Unless you’re someone who prefers a smaller or more pocketable device that will still maintain the same or better capability of an iPhone 4.

But most users these days are dependent on their smartphones for 3D multimedia contents and gaming, a smaller screen will be a major hindrance for most users.

Of course, it’ll just be this time next month we’ll know the exact specs, pricing and availability of the next-gen iPhone. There were also some rumors claiming that Apple would eventually release two versions of the next-gen iPhone which would be iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S was said to be just a slightly enhanced version of the current iPhone 4. While the iPhone 5 would be a complete redesign, bringing you more excitements.

If the next-gen iPhone will finally come out as what the rumors claim, then you’d better save your pocket, stick to your existing iPhone 4 or grab any of the upcoming LTE Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 or Nexus Prime that will soon be arriving on many operators near you including Sprint, Verizon by the end of the year.

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