iZon remote room monitor lets you monitor your newborn on your iPhone

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If you’re a little busy parent, having to be engaged with certain tasks or work and without too much time to keep an eye on your newborn or kids, here is a little handy device called the iZon Remote Room Monitor that will do the job for you.

iZon has been announced for its availability by the company Stem Innovation LLC. It’s an app-controlled video camera which works with a free iOS app (called Stem:Connect) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, which allows you to monitor your kids or your living space, while you’re away or on the go.

iZon can watch and listen for you and alert you when there is noise, motion or something unusual in your room and stream the recorded audio and video wirelessly to your iOS devices. It can easily be setup to join any wireless networks. And you can have it to automatically upload the recorded videos to a private YouTube account, where you can then always keep an eye while you’re in front of the computer.

The iZon video camera itself is pretty easy to setup. It comes equipped with a magnetic base, meaning you can easily stick it on a horizontal surface or mount it on the ceiling. iZon is now available on StemInnovation.com for a price of $130. It’ll also be available on other stores soon including the Apple store.

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