iRestore – world’s first home-use handsfree laser meant for curing your hair loss

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If you’re a geek who’s been spending too much time in front of the computer, chances are that you’ll be suffering from hair loss. This could be due to stress or lack of sleep if you’re overly addicted with social networks or gaming on your computer.

But now there is a little handy device that’s able to help you prevent hair loss. The device is a home-use handsfree laser, called iRestore which can be worn by the user as shown in the picture to prevent hair from thinning.

The iRestore uses low-level laser therapy that creates fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair. The laser used is the kind of low-level 650nm laser, combined with 27 red luminous optical lights to provide phototherapy, which is a scientific process that stimulates cells in your hair follicles.

The little downside is you’ll look little absurd while wearing the device. But since it can be used at home or at your private time, it shouldn’t give you much trouble of being laughed by onlookers.

The device is not cheap, it’s priced at $499 but it’s definitely cheaper than having a full course of hair loss treatment from any clinics out there which will usually cost you a few grands.

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