RedEye universal remote control app now available for Android

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ThinkFlood has extended its RedEye universal remote control solution beyond the iOS devices, which now offers the Android version, allowing your Android smartphones or tablets to work as a universal remote to control various home appliances and equipments via Wifi. Of course, the RedEye app will need your Android or iOS devices to pair with any RedEye hardware device to control any devices that receive infrared control signals; including your TV, home theater, lighting, HVAC, and other networked devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets.

The RedEye for iOS was the very first effort of ThinkFlood, letting the users use their iPhone or iPod Touch to control non-networked electronics in the home via a WiFi network. Now, the solution has been made available for the Android platform, allowing Android users to use their devices for the same controls.

The RedEye for Android is compatible with various RedEye networked products including the RedEye and RedEye Pro. It works on Android devices running Android 1.6 OS and above, including tablets running the Android 3.0 HoneyComb OS. RedEye is currently dubbed as the only remote control app for your Android smartphones and tablets.

While rolling out the Android version, ThinkFront has also released the improved version of RedEye for the iOS devices. Now with this new version of RedEye, you can even easily switch any available networked device (e.g an Android smartphone, iPhone or a PC) to be a remote control for your systems. This is useful in the case when you have incoming calls that will engage on your Android smartphone, then you can easily switch using RedEye on another device such as your spouse’s iPhone or an available PC to control your system. Such a flexibility allows every person in your home to have their own controller, to control your home automation and entertainment systems from anywhere. Furthermore, system configuration is effortlessly replicated or synchronized among all the controllers.

The latest versions of the RedEye for Android and iOS can now be downloaded from Android market and iTunes respectively. Both versions have been designed to make use of the respective OS features such as the multi-touch gesture control of iOS and keyboard shortcuts on Android/PC for easy operation. Whereas, the RedEye hardware devices can be purchased from ThinkFlood and other dealers and retailers worldwide.

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