Urbanears out colorful Winter/Fall collection of headphones

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Urbanears want to bring more excitements into your life with more colors by releasing their new 2011 Winter/Fall collection of headphones, which come in an array of different colors including Indigo, Mustard and Raspberry. The colors brought by the Winter/Fall collection of headphones shall blend well with your colorful fashion for the winter and fall.

The Urbanears Indigo headphones (pictured above) are named after the plant Indigofera. Their color is perfect for the fall. It shall remind you of your new pair of blue jeans, just begging to be worn.

The Urbanears Mustard headphones remind me of the super delicious food I love most – hot dogs with mustard. The color of these headphones resembles the mustard that’s found in Europe which appears slightly darker instead of bright yellow mustard that’s common in the North America.

The Urbanears Raspberry headphones come in berry-pink hue with blue and purple undertones. Raspberry is the reminiscent of late summer picnics, popsicles, and even the color that your cheeks turn after you’ve been outside for too long in the cold. It’s the color that brings cheer to an otherwise cloudy day.

Various models of Urbanears headphones are available in the three different colors of the Winter/Fall collection, including the over-the-ear Plattan and in-ear Bagis. They can be purchased at your local retailers and online on Urbanears.com with prices ranging from $30 USD to $60 USD depending on the model you want.

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