Vuzix launches Wrap 1200 3D video glasses

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Video glasses have evolved, which now allow you to watch 3D videos rather than just flat 2D. If you’re a fan of video glasses, Vuzix has launched a new pair of 3D video glasses, known as the Wrap 1200. The Wrap 1200 3D video glasses boast the industry’s best 16:9 widescreen display which is equivalent to viewing a 75-inch screen from 10 feet.

The Wrap 1200 3D video glasses are the ideal travel companion, allowing you to watch movies or catch up with TV shows, while you’re on a flight or sunbathing on the beach. The device supports both 2D and 3D content.

This video eyewear can be easily adjusted up and down for 15 degrees to achieve optimum viewing angle and a customized fit. It also has optics to allow the user to easily adjust the user’s IPD (Interpupillary Distance or eye separation), allowing for optimum placement in front of each eye.

Other features of the Wrap 1200 are a convenient on-screen display controls for hue, brightness, contrast and color saturation and eye focal adjustment. It’s compatible with common video sources, supporting video connections including component and composite video inputs.

You can hook up the Wrap 1200 video glasses to various video sources including game consoles, media players, smartphones, DVD players and tablets etc.

The device can be worn by prescription glasses wearers as well. It features an adjustable hypoallergenic nosepiece and detachable premium quality noise-isolating stereo earphones, which allows it to be worn over prescription glasses and uit different user experience.

It comes with two rechargeable AA batteries and charger which allows for up to 3 hours of video playback. Or you can substitute two lithium ion batteries for up to 7 hours of video. The Wrap 1200 3D eyewear is now available on for $500.

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