Obama Basher RageCage lets you bash your President

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Hate your president? The Obama Basher, an extension of the RageCage, which comes in the form of having your President’s picture sticking on it and lets you throw your temper on it, whenever you get most frustrated with your President.

The Obama Basher allows you to virtually bash the President. It responds accordingly with different Presidential messages, depending on the strength of the bash – anything from “You hit like Nancy Pelosi’s hair dresser” to “Ok, I give up… I’LL REPEAL IT!”.

Like other versions of RageCage, the Obama Basher is a fully portable gadget which allows you to bring along anywhere you go. Just take it out and bash it at any tea parties or on the road, to release any Obama-induced anger.

The Obama Basher is also compatible with the RageCage PC Software, online games such as Robot Zombie Apocalypse and the RageCage Facebook app, RageCage connect, which allows you to smack your Facebook friends.

RageCage also plans to roll out a bi-partisan line of “Political Punchers”, which will come in just in time before the 2012 US election. There will be number of funny characters from both parties including the Bush Popper and Palin Popper.

For now, if you want the Obama Basher, you can get it from RageCage.com for $20 each. A clip is included below, showing the Obama Basher in action.

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